Smoothie of the Day;

Meet Pinango!!!

Pinango was so delicious!

Yummy tropical flavor which left me feeling energized + ready to soak up those warm  sun rays this afternoon!

After drinking Pinango I was ready to catch some waves at the BEACH!


1/2 container vanilla greek yogurt

I cup frozen pineapple chunks

3 cups of spinach

2 carrots

1 mango

1/8 cup milk of choice

ice cubes

Mix ingredients in blend till smooth !

Tip: + add banana for a creamier texture!





6 thoughts on “{Pinango}

    1. Me too! Smoothies are my go to for breakfast! They are fast, easy and delicious…..ohhh and they keep me full almost all morning long!!! Thank you for reading, have a wonderful weekend!


    1. It was really awesome, thanks! I love adding banana; it creates a smooth texture and also tones done the acidic taste if you are making a smoothie with pineapple and such! Thanks for reading, enjoy more smoothies!!!!


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