{Hello, Bicycle}


This book is a must read for all bicycle lovers and riders!

This book is loaded with helpful information with a touch a comical relief! There is hand drawn illustrations that add life and inspiration to the book and delivers it from just a guide to an adventure!

Anna Brones is Swedish-American and currently resides in Seattle. She published several other books about food and culture, as well as writing for several publications!

Check out Anna’s website @ https://annabrones.com/


~[P.S….I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review!}~

{Simply Calligraphy}

Simply Calligraphy: A Beginner’s Guide to Elegant Lettering

By Judy Detrick

This is a great book that will help you to discover what tools you need and the instruction needed to learn calligraphy!

Judy introduces the reader to the tools needed, an introduction to basic handwriting and even project ideas and resources to learn more!

Check out:

Judy Detrick’s Website

~[P.S….I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review!}~

{Mitchell Hill Gallery}

You will FALL IN LOVE with Mitchell Hill Gallery in Charleston!

Amanda Loves Art

Mitchell Hill Gallery is one of my absolute favorite galleries! 

The gallery is owned by two talented gentleman, Michael Mitchell and Tyler Hill Mitchell! They both bring a unique and creative outlook to the gallery alongside their wonder staff of ladies to create a one-of-a-kind gallery in Charleston, SC!

Mitchell Hill carries some of the best artists including;

Stephen St. Claire

Emerald Haven-3

Trever Webster

Hirona Matsuda

Elizabeth Foster

Jamie Blackburn

Lisa Shimko

Tom Potocki


Stephen Elliot Webb

Check out these spectacular artists and more; 

Mitchell Hill Website


You MUST visit the Gallery @ 438 King Street in Charleston, SC!

“The gallery is a space for clients to discover a piece of artwork they truly love, or to consult with us about projects in their homes. One of the best compliments we regularly receive is how inspirational our showroom is.”

–Michael Mitchell

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{Teresa Lim}

I love the unique and creative quality of these embroidered pieces!

Amanda Loves Art

The unique work of Teresa Lim has more than capture my attention…

it has captivated my inspiration!

She creates beautiful work of embroidery, illustrations and textiles!

Sew Wanderlust

Beautiful collection of landscapes that she creates while traveling to document her travels!

Gucci Tian

This is one of the commissioned pieces she did for Gucci!

Find more inspiration…

On Instagram @ teeteeheehee

On Facebook @ iamteeteeheehee

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{Pop Painting}

Pop Painting:Inspiration and Techniques from the Pop Surrealism Art Phenomenon

By Camilla d’Errico 

This is a great book to learn about Surrealism and finding inspiration!

Camilla shares information about using intuition, the tools of the trade and more!

. . .

Check out more about Camilla on her website @ http://camilladerrico.com/

She her latest updates on facebook @ camilladerricoart

And fun pics on Instagram @ camilladerrico/