{About Me}

My name is Amanda! I am a photographer and an artist!

Three things I absolutely love: PINEAPPLES, COFFEE and the color PURPLE!

I currently live in Charleston!

I am passionate about my company AmandaMade where I create Jewelry and other Art on https://www.etsy.com/shop/UniquelyAmandaMade!

I believe in God and find inspiration, hope and support from the good word!

This is my first blog and I am super excited to share my life, miracles and all the hassles in-between with you!

Thanks for your support!


16 thoughts on “{About Me}

    1. Sadly it is not! However that would KICK awesome! I LOVE purple! I only started becoming obsessed with the color purple the last few years! That and pineapples…hence my blog..heheh! Thanks for reading and sharing, have a Blast of a weekend!


    1. Awesome! I usually check out About Me pages however when I am looking at blog posts for the day I realized that I am reading so many posts everyday that I usually don’t have time or am not thinking about it! Glade you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!


    1. We are in the same group! I noticed you have just recently joined! Welcome it is a great group! Glad to see a gentleman blogger! Thanks for reading and commenting and loving my blog! Headed over your way to get to know your blog! Have a great week! Thanks again!
      ~Amanda Marie~

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      1. Yes, I love that group. Not many of us gentlemen, but that’s ok. Everyone is great and very supportive there. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am still deciding on a couple different themes for the layout. The current one doesn’t appeal to me.

        Have a great week, too and see you in the group! 🙂


      2. It is a GREAT group, very helpful! I think your theme is cool however I myself like when I can see the whole post on the page! I know there is a limited amount of free themes of wordpress however there are some girls in the group that will put together a custom page for you for a decent price!

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