{Postcard Send Off}

How it works: 

→ Send an email to me @ Amanda4694@gmail.com including your name & address,

→ Buy a postcard from the city you are from/currently live/favorite vacation spot,

→ Write your favorite quote/scripture,

→ Address to the name & address that I provide for the lucky participant set to receive your postcard,

→ Then place a stamp and send off in the mail!

***DEADLINE TO JOIN IS April 30th ! ***


Names and address will be email out to each participant on May 5th!!!

. . .

{Best City In America to Live}


I currently reside in Charleston, SC.
It features great restaurant’s, beautiful art galleries and unique architecture! When I first moved to Charleston I would spend hours upon hours walking through the historic cobble stone laden streets, discovering new adventures around every corner

The city is a tiny version of NYC without the melting pot of people!

Over the past year I discovered I am NOT a southern belle! While I have made new, unforgettable discoveries while here…..I am ready for a new, bustling city to call home!

I am in love with London, Italy, Spain and it would be a dream to live there….however it is VERY complicated to move there as an American! I have lived in Philadelphia and I have always dreamed of living in NYC however I want to try out something farther for now like California!!!!  My family is closer to NYC so that would be a better fitting choice a few years down the road maybe.

As you can tell I am a seed stuck in the middle of a giant pickle named indecision!!!

I need your help...I want to know more about the city you live in? I am an artist, I use public transportation, I love the ocean/warm weather, farmers markets and I love coffee! I am looking for something with affordable apartments as well!

What is your favorite aspect of the city you live in?

What is the biggest downfall?

How is the public transportation?

Are there indoor/outdoor activities?

What type of food is there?

How is the art scene?

Is there a sense of community there?

Why should I live there?

You can answer a few questions, all questions or even just one question will help!


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