{Pineapple Decor for Living Room}

I recently moved into a new apartment + have been on a hunt for

welcoming pineapple decor!


I love this sooooo much! I am so making this!  In a reverse stencil technique, paint the table ivory using flat latex paint. Then cut the pineapple pattern from adhesive shelf paper and stick it on. For graphic pop, place the pineapple off center and let it bleed past the table edges. Paint the table again using an orange hue. When dry, peel off the shelf paper and reveal the pineapple.

I love this idea of painting a pineapple on a table!

I think it would be fantastic on a coffee table!

I would probably use a golden pineapple with a vibrant background color such as a blue!


I love these pineapple pillows- they are so summery and tropical! My favourite is the third one down in the right, gorgeous! BR x

These pillows are AMAZING!

I am so EXCITED to find unique pineapple fabric + create my own pillows for my living room!


Learn how to make these simple, custom pineapple DIY bookends in just a few steps! The supplies are also very budget friendly.

And of course what bookshelf is complete with out bookends….

especially when they are GOLDEN!!!


Pineapple String Lights » These are so cute!

I ADORE these string lights!

I think I am going to place them along the perimeter of my living room + kitchen to tie the rooms together!

It will create a Golden ambiance for dinners!


Studio DIY HQ

This pineapple basket would work perfect to store extra blankets + pillows!

Maybe just a quilt to snuggle up with my love while we watch a movie!


Sunshine Pineapple Quilt Pattern  by northcountryquilts on Etsy

This could be that VERY quilt that I could store in my pineapple basket!

Matched the purple of my living room walls as well!


…So many idea’s…


 . . .

{Pineapple Pick’s of the Week}

My {Pineapple Picks of the week} found over @ my [Pineapple<3] board on Pinterest!

Crystal Pineapple;

This is such a great idea to add some beautiful artwork that will shine all around the room!

crystal pineapple

. . .


I ADORE coffee mugs! I have a collection of unique and vintage mugs and I think these need to be added to my personal collection!

pineapple cup!Vintage Pineapple Tea Cups Ceramic Made in by TheOtherLifeVintage, $19.00

. . .

Beverage Dispenser;

I would love to have this huge pineapple to fill up with a yummy homemade pineapple drink for a BBQ or a get-together!


. . .


Who could resist these deep cushioned chairs that are covered in a beautiful Blue Pineapple Print!

Interior Infatuations: Dark Dog Studios

. . .

Retro Sideboard;

I just moved and when I came across this I thought it was the perfect piece to add a retro flare to my bedroom! I love painting and re-purposing furniture! My first step is to search and rescue a cute sideboard dresser!

Pineapple retro sideboard

. . .

Art Print;

This is a colorful and artistic print that would completely match my light purple wall color in my living room! I love the size and the expression of this print!

Pineapple Watercolor Print watercolor painting от WatercolorBook, $15,00

. . .

Golden Pineapple Ring;

Beautiful Golden Pineapple ring!

Pineapple Ring

. . .

Did you find any fun Pineapple inspiration this week?

All pins can be found @ https://www.pinterest.com/amandamadeit/pineapple-3/

Thanks for reading;



~Amanda Marie~

. . .


image. . .

{La Pina}

imagePineapples; Delicious and welcoming! I love pineapples! I use the pineapple as a logo for my art company and as inspiration for my blog! The fruit is unique and wonderful!

I currently live in Charleston where you will see the pineapple as sculptures, on flags, houses, paintings and my favorite the legendary pineapple fountain! It is a symbol of welcoming here in the south! I was researching some facts about pineapples and actually learned new, interesting and unique facts about the unusual fruit!

Back in the day when ships would return to the Caribbean, Europe and North America from long voyages they would bear gifts of pineapples! This created the pineapple as a symbol of welcome and hospitality, which has stuck around thus far!

It actually takes a pineapple up to three years to reach ripeness!

That is quite a bit of time!

When they are taken off the plant they do not ripen any father, so each pineapple is individually handled when it comes to cultivating! They actually grow out of a flower which forms multiple berries which end up fusing together to create the PINEAPPLE!

It is crazy to discover all the great things that pineapples can be used for! One of my favorites is pineapple wine! There is also Tepache which is a great tasting fermented drink which is native to Mexico!

Overall pineapples are awesome! Try a new recipe or drink with pineapple, it will leave you wanting to discover more great uses for pineapples!


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