{Etsy Raves}

This week my focus was on household goods (mainly kitchenware) + Jewelry for summer!

These are my {Etsy Raves} of the week;


1. Vintage Turquoise Earrings by Chole’s Vintage Jewelry

@  https://www.etsy.com/shop/chloesvintagejewelry

2. Sterling Silver, handmade pineapple rings from Hawii by Salty Turquoise


3. Handmade necklace featuring a rose pendant and turquoise by KGJ Handmade


4. Porcelain mug + bowl with illustrations of Amsterdam by IngagaArt


5. Broken China pendant necklace by The Broken Plate


6. Illustrated Mug with Amsterdam Scene by Charlotte Vallance


7. Emerald Green Hand Painted Moroccan Lantern by LIT Decor


8. Handmade Oak Bookshelf by Old and Cold


9. Royal Purple hand painted Moroccan Lantern by LIT Decor


. . .

Do you have an Etsy store?

Feel free to share your store link in the comments section to share your awesome talent!

Have a FAVORITE-MUST HAVE item……Post a copy to the link as well!!!

Thanks ~ Amanda Marie

. . .

{Necklace featuring circle pendant}

Hemp necklace made with loops, tan + red beads, featuring a marble circle pendant!


This hemp necklace is designed with loop knots and square knots. Also has beads that alternate sand and maroon colors. Featuring a maroon and brown clear marble circle pendant!

. . .

{Blue + Teal Anklet}

Blue + Teal Woven Hemp Anklet with silver beads + a button to clasp at the end!

Blue and Teal Woven Hemp Anklet with silver beads and a button at the end


This anklet is made by weaving with two color hemp’s, blue and teal! I used flower knots in the center adding two shinny silver beads in the center! I used a cute little button as the clasp!! This is made out of 100% hemp and can be worn in water and is very light weight! Gorgeous for a night out or just a unique anklet to wear with a dress or skirt during your daily outings!

. . .

{Victorian necklace}

Hemp necklace featuring a black Victorian heart pendant + shades of pink beads

Hemp necklace featuring a black victorian heart pendant and shades of pink beads


This necklace is designed with switch knots featuring pink beads and a black Victorian heart pendant! Great for a special romantic occasion!

. . .

{Hairband featuring Silver Dragonfly}

Black Hemp Hairband featuring a silver dragonfly pendant


I made this hairband with black hemp using a design with square knots featuring a silver dragonfly pendant! Comfortable and lightweight!

. . .

{Woven Key chain}

Woven Purple + Pearl Beaded key chain made with natural Hemp

Keychain pendant woven with natural hemp featuring purple shaded beads and white pearls


This uniquely designed key chain features a pendant woven using natural tan hemp. It includes a fringe of different shades of purple beads as well as white pearls!

. . .

{Mosaic Necklace}

Natural Mosaic Hemp Necklace with Pink beads by Amanda Made

Mosaic Hemp Necklace with Pink beads


This mosaic hemp necklace is made with black and natural color hemp. There are two beads that are white with blue print. The black strands of hemp display an array of patterned pink color beads! This necklace was inspired by spring to help you celebrate new beginnings and blooms!

 . . .

{Ocean inspired Necklace}

Check out this unique necklace by me, Amanda Made @ Etsy…

Beautiful long necklace made with hemp featuring seashells and blue beads


This necklace is designed using hemp in switch knots with sections of ocean water blue beads. The center features chrome seashells along with blue beads and sandy color beads! Great to wear on or off the beach!


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