{The Healthy Mind Cookbook}

The Healthy Mind Cookbook: Big-flavor Recipes to Enhance Brain Function, Mood, Memory, and Mental Clarity.

By Rebecca Katz with Mat Edelson

This is a great book to learn about how food affects our bodies! This book is a GREAT resource to find healthy and natural alternatives to modern day medicines.

The books starts off talking about illnesses and their connection with foods. She explains how eating affects our bodies and brains and how important it is to eat healthy foods.

Rebecca even provides an index off foods and their health benefits. She even provides information on local markets and farmers markets as well as Environment resources.

Check out Rebecca’s website @ http://www.rebeccakatz.com/

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~[P.S….I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review!}~


{Kitchen Stories}

I just downloaded this app last week and it is a fun, eclectic collection of recipes!  This inspirational app features video’s and pictures alongside the recipe which is very helpful!

A great feature is when you locate a recipe that you wish to make you can add ingredients to shopping list which will add every ingredient needed to make the recipe into a convenient shopping list. From there you can select which items you need and the ones you already have in your pantry you can deselect from the shopping list.

They include cooking tips as well as wine pairing tips with each recipe. They even include what utensils will be utilized for the entire process.

There is also a section where you can add in a story or add your own recipe creation to share with other users. You could even be selected as one of the Finest Kitchen Stories!

You can also check out their website @ http://eng.kitchenstories.de/

Ohh and the app is FREE!

I already found an YUMMY treat to make!…

White Chocolate Meringue Pineapple

{Straight Up Tasty}

Caution: Do NOT read while hungry!

I LOVE this cookbook! The book involves my 2 FAVORITE things in life…

Travelling + Food!

This book is very much like the show..full of wit, humor and great food!

I love how he reminisces about his travels and shares stories along with the recipes!

It is all about adventure and eating!

It also includes an array of recipes that range from super easy to chef status!

My favorite Chapter is BREAKFAST!

Between the Oatmeal Pancakes, the Bacon + Cheddar Frittata and the Hangover Egg Sammy You will never eat a boring toast breakfast again!!!

I love just flipping through the pages, reading the stories + checking out the COOL PICTURES!

If you love the show, love eating + traveling this book is a must!!!

Visit Adam Richman’s outstanding website @ http://www.theadamrichman.com/

~[P.S… I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review!]~

{Best City In America to Live}


I currently reside in Charleston, SC.
It features great restaurant’s, beautiful art galleries and unique architecture! When I first moved to Charleston I would spend hours upon hours walking through the historic cobble stone laden streets, discovering new adventures around every corner

The city is a tiny version of NYC without the melting pot of people!

Over the past year I discovered I am NOT a southern belle! While I have made new, unforgettable discoveries while here…..I am ready for a new, bustling city to call home!

I am in love with London, Italy, Spain and it would be a dream to live there….however it is VERY complicated to move there as an American! I have lived in Philadelphia and I have always dreamed of living in NYC however I want to try out something farther for now like California!!!!  My family is closer to NYC so that would be a better fitting choice a few years down the road maybe.

As you can tell I am a seed stuck in the middle of a giant pickle named indecision!!!

I need your help...I want to know more about the city you live in? I am an artist, I use public transportation, I love the ocean/warm weather, farmers markets and I love coffee! I am looking for something with affordable apartments as well!

What is your favorite aspect of the city you live in?

What is the biggest downfall?

How is the public transportation?

Are there indoor/outdoor activities?

What type of food is there?

How is the art scene?

Is there a sense of community there?

Why should I live there?

You can answer a few questions, all questions or even just one question will help!

{Healthy, Yes Healthy Smoothies}


There are numerous cafes and restaurants that promote so called “healthy” smoothies however, most of them are chock full of chemicals and SUGAR!!! I have perfected yummy and healthy smoothies and if you stick to the guide below you will feel better and you might possibly lose some of that weight gain brought on from the holidays!!!

  • Start off with a base of spinach! Spinach is good for you and really has no flavor! Most people are off put by the color of the smoothies which are green however, they are tasty so don’t be scared! I use around 2 cups or 2 handfuls!
  • Next I add between 1-2 cups of carrots! I try to use shredded carrots so that way it mixes better in the blender and it will save you from having any chunks in the smoothie! Carrots are a good way to add a vegetable with out adding a funky or string taste/odor!
  • The next step is the most fun and full of many options….FRUIT!!! I like to use fruit that is in season as it will give a better taste and blend easier as well! I will mix it up and use a combination like pineapple, mango and melon! Mix it up and add different fruits to create your own favorite flavor combinations!
  • Additives: I really also like to add in an avocado! It creates a rich and creamy texture and is super healthy for you too!!! Also if you find your smoothie a little un-smooth try adding in a little bit of juice or even some ice/water to help loosen it up!

I hope you all enjoy your healthy smoothies! If you have any suggestions or find a REALLY YUMMY combination leave me a comment and let me know how it’s going! More tips to come!!!!