{Amanda Loves Art}

Hey y’all! I am so thankful for all of you readers that have been supporting My Purple Pineapple this year! It was a giant leap of faith for me to start my first very own blog this time last year! I had not anticipated anyone actually reading it (other than my family), let alone gaining so many followers! I am so thankful for your support! 2016 is now here and I am dedicated to focus more on my art! I originally added an art page to My Purple Pineapple  however this page is about my personal faith and my personal life, henceforth I created a new blog…

Amanda Loves Art

My goal is to share my love of art with the world and deliver inspirational art daily! I find myself in a creative block at times and love reading about new artist and fun new art ideas! I hope y’all sign up for my emails and that y’all enjoy!

Thanks again, looking forward to an inspirational year!


{Kitchen Stories}

I just downloaded this app last week and it is a fun, eclectic collection of recipes!  This inspirational app features video’s and pictures alongside the recipe which is very helpful!

A great feature is when you locate a recipe that you wish to make you can add ingredients to shopping list which will add every ingredient needed to make the recipe into a convenient shopping list. From there you can select which items you need and the ones you already have in your pantry you can deselect from the shopping list.

They include cooking tips as well as wine pairing tips with each recipe. They even include what utensils will be utilized for the entire process.

There is also a section where you can add in a story or add your own recipe creation to share with other users. You could even be selected as one of the Finest Kitchen Stories!

You can also check out their website @ http://eng.kitchenstories.de/

Ohh and the app is FREE!

I already found an YUMMY treat to make!…

White Chocolate Meringue Pineapple