{Fresh Made Simple}

Fresh Made Simple: A Naturally Delicious Way to Eat!

By Lauren K. Stein and Illustrated by Katie Eberts

LOVED this book!

The recipes are easy + all the food used is FRESH!!!

The illustrations are beautiful + they are easy {AND TONS OF FUN} to follow along with!

I am so excited to make ALL the recipes in this book!

The author Lauren K. Stein does an amazing job at putting together easy recipes that encourage healthy eating! She has a website http://www.laurenkstein.com/ where you can read her blog, discover more great recipes + learn more about Lauren! You can even like her on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/laurenkstein !!!

The illustator Katie Eberts has captures the perfect illustrations to showcase Lauren’s recipes! They more than compliment each other! I love to study every drawing in the book! You can check out more of Katie’s work on her web page @ http://www.katieeberts.com/ + like her on facebook as well @ https://www.facebook.com/Katie-Eberts-Illustration-521039721271262/ !!!

Fresh Made Simple is an amazing + useful cookbook that I plan to use a LOT!


4 thoughts on “{Fresh Made Simple}

    1. ahh yeah! I have noticed now that I am aging that I spend more time and money researching and getting healthy books! This book is so worth it and a great way to eat fresh foods even for someone like me who is a picky eater! Thanks for checking out my review and leaving a comment!


    1. Ohh yeah me too! I am such a picky eater too so sometimes it is hard to eat healthier! I LOVE this book tho! There are so many great, simple and easy recipes that anyone will enjoy! Great for kids for sure too! Have a great week and thanks for reading my review and commenting!


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