{The Time Garden}

The Time Garden:A Magical Journey and Coloring Book 

By: Daria Song

Imaginative + FUN! Take an adventure with Daria as her world evolves into a day dream filled with travels, clock pieces + owls!

9781607749608 (448×450)

This book is filled from front to back with creative + intricate drawings of a beautiful day dream of a little girl! I love the story + love to follow her along on her adventures!

I love owls! I love looking + searching through each nook + cranny on every page looking for a hidden wise owl!

I am ECSTATIC to start coloring in my very own time garden!

Daria Song is an artist + author from Korea! While she was a child she spent 5 years living in San Francisco + Song explains that the “sense of wonder + mystery that comes from living in a far-off place” is the inspiration behind the book.

Discover more @ https://www.facebook.com/artistdaria

~[P.S….I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review!}~


13 thoughts on “{The Time Garden}

    1. They are very cool! They are not expensive and there are so many different kinds out there now! It is really great! I hope you find one that you fall in love with! Thanks for the comment and enjoy the rest of your week!


    1. Neat! I have 2 already as well and I think I am about to get my 3rd! They are so neat and great just to look through and gather inspiration or to color and focus! So neat! Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy yours!

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      1. They really help when I’m stressed. I got my first one while staying in the hospital while my mom was sick. I told my hubby to go get one. And you should have heard him! He ask three times what I was asking for and could not believe such things existed. LOL


      2. Haha men can be so silly sometimes! They are so great for occasions such as that and helping keep your nerves calm during such a time as well! Thanks for reading my review and leaving a sweet comment! Have a great week!

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