Owls: Our Most Charming Bird

By Matt Sewell

   I am utterly shocked about the quality of this book! I was going back + forth between this book + another…my love for owls ran wild + I selected this book not knowing what to expect.

 Owls is filled from cover to cover of beautifully drawn owls of all kinds. I had NO IDEA how many different types of owls existed + how they live in all types of environments around the world!

Matt Sewell is an outstanding illustrator who has published several illustrated books. Being an Ornithologist.. Sewell focuses his work on BIRDS!

I love how he includes a quirky fun paragraph about each of the birds! Fun to learn about owls + to gaze at the wonderful colors + lines of each owl! The book even starts with my favorite owl…

The Barn Owl! Sewell writes “Easily one of the most beautiful, elegant and enigmatic of all animals, never mind owls, the Barn Owl is transcendent to view in the wild: a shining pure illumination with dark, unfathomably deep eyes.”


Sewell has an amazing website where he showcases his work from paintings to wallpaper he has a wide imagination + shares his passion + dedication through several types of art forms!


Click here to visit Matt Sewell’s web site! ..check out a wonderful selection of his personal art + illustrations.

+ visit spotting + jotting to explore the amazing world of birds with the artist himself, “Welcome to the digital treehouse HQ of Spotting and Jotting, a cornucopia of delights for bird-lovers and wonder-seekers of all ages. Not just for twitchers and the mildly obsessed, but for the young of heart and all those wishing to immerse themselves in the zen-like treasures of nature. We are here to bring you hand-crafted pieces from amazing artists and beautifully designed field kits and stationary to sit stylishly in the the haversack of any keen birder, student or city rambler.’

~[P.S….I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review!}~


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