{Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop}

History, Technique + Pictures!!!

Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop is a very well-rounded + informative step by step guide-book!

The author, Amy Vollmer, provides the history, the tools needed + the step by step guide that is easy to follow to create your very own traditional Mokuhanga! She even provides you with a great resource list on where to find all the supplies needed as well as reference websites!

I love the detail that she has provided in the making of traditional Mokuhanga’s! Everything from brushes, paints + even how to make the traditional Washi paper! She even provides tons of outstanding pictures of supplies, materials + examples. The process is so intricate, I had no idea!

I also enjoyed the fact that she shares a collection of works from other artists. She even provides a brief background + importance of each artist alongside their beautiful prints!

The ONE thing I think this book could have used is an about the author page in the back page! However after I started reading I did come across her background information which spanned several pages. It is randomly placed in the first section of the book + is not clearly noted in the Chapter index.

However I did ENJOY the section + learning her history as an artist, her studies + why she is so fascinated with the Mokuhanga as well as examples of her work! She has AMAZING pieces + wholeheartedly pours her heart + soul into her work… +it shows!

Her prints are so VIBRANT + hold so much BEAUTY!

To learn more about the author head over to her website @ http://www.aprilvollmer.com

Where you can sign up for a class, view more of her prints + even contact her!

~[P.S….I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review!}~


9 thoughts on “{Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop}

  1. Hi Amanda, I’m here due to the pledge to reciprocate on The Peony Project, but how lucky can I get! I really enjoyed reading this because I’m an artist. Haven’t done any woodblock prints, but I do have some experience with collagraph prints, which are lots of fun. Good book review! Thank you!


    1. I fell in LOVE with this book! Her prints are so amazing! I love how she even combines old prints with new ones! She pours so much passion into her work, you can tell she loves it!!! Thanks for reading my post and leaving the lovely comment!!! Have a great week!


    1. Thanks! This books is so neat! I am artistic however not to this extent! There is so much work involved in these prints! It is neat tho because they mean more that way! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! Have a lovely week!

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