{Straight Up Tasty}

Caution: Do NOT read while hungry!

I LOVE this cookbook! The book involves my 2 FAVORITE things in life…

Travelling + Food!

This book is very much like the show..full of wit, humor and great food!

I love how he reminisces about his travels and shares stories along with the recipes!

It is all about adventure and eating!

It also includes an array of recipes that range from super easy to chef status!

My favorite Chapter is BREAKFAST!

Between the Oatmeal Pancakes, the Bacon + Cheddar Frittata and the Hangover Egg Sammy You will never eat a boring toast breakfast again!!!

I love just flipping through the pages, reading the stories + checking out the COOL PICTURES!

If you love the show, love eating + traveling this book is a must!!!

Visit Adam Richman’s outstanding website @ http://www.theadamrichman.com/

~[P.S… I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review!]~


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