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Smoothie of the day!

First off welcome and thank you for checking out my new series….smoothie of the day!

I will post recipes of my adventures in smoothie making!

Meet Aladdin…my smoothie transporter!!!

He was a great find at Wal-Mart! A 16oz Mason Traveler Tumbler made by Aladdin in the Mint Condition color!

Now that ya’ll are acquainted with Aladdin time for…


I have really outdone myself with this delicious + creamy smoothie!

I call it….


Ā½ of an avocado

1 banana

1 champagne mango

1 cup spinach

1 carrot

Ā¾ cup milk

Ice cubes

Put ingredient in a blender and blend-blend-blend baby until smooth + cream like yogurt!

This smoothie not only tastes great it will keep you full + give you tons of energy to start your productive morning!


14 thoughts on “{Avanago}

    1. Ok you sound like myself 4 years ago!! Funny how times change! I understand it is VERY intimidating to try this particular smoothie for the first time being GREEN and all! Also when I tell people spinach their reaction is a horrible gross face! I am a SUPER picky eater, trust me if you try it it does not taste at all what your brain is telling you! I would start out with a smoothie that is light with the vegetables and work you way up from there! They honestly help you to feel healthier and better, seriously! Thanks for the comment! Have an awesome week!


  1. Sounds interesting, but I am not quite sold on the idea of mixing green veggies with my smoothies quite yet, heh. I know a lot of people love it though, so maybe I should be brace and jump in? I bet the avocado would make it really creamy, but my brain wonders if it would remind me of sushi… šŸ˜‰


    1. Ha, cute comment! At first, like myself, as soon as people hear spinach or vegetables they get FREAKED out! Spinach however really has no flavor when it is raw, so mixing it into a smoothie does not affect taste…just color! Also vegetables such as carrots actually taste great with fruit! I encourage you to experiment! You might discover a new delicious recipe! Thank you so much for reading and good luck!


    1. WOW! 32 OZ, that would be a whole lot of smoothie! Plus a whole lot of time in the bathroom! The mason jar cup is awesome and I loved the teal color as soon as I spotted it! Thanks so much for reading, Have a FUN weekend!


    1. It was so yummy! I think between the mango and the avocado is created a super cream delicious and sweet treat! You would never guess you were drinking spinach! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!


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