{Bohemian Beach Beauty}

My picks for a Sun Bathed day at the Beach!

First, most important…The Suit!!!

Love is Wading One-Piece Swimsuit in Pineapples by Mod Cloth.

This swimsuit is a great unique piece!

Not only do I love the color scheme….the pineapples look so adorable and tropical!

It even has a belt that detaches and straps that are optional!



. . .

Next…..the swimsuit cover-up!

Ania Gauze Romper Cover Up by Anthropologie.

This cover up is light and airy which is perfect for a hot summer day!


. . .

Then, the Tote!

Pineapple Beach Escape Tote by Life is Good.

Perfect tote made of cotton and linen!

Inside and outside pockets to hold all your essential beach items!

. . .

Of course….the shades!

Ray BanΒ ‘Original Aviator’ by Nordstrom.

I love the look of the metal frames with the light blue lenses!

These shades are 100% UV protection and made in Italy!

. . .

Don’t forget the….Sandals!

Mia Fringe Beaded Sandals by PacSun.

These adorable fringe sandals are a great slip on choice that offers detail and style!


Enjoy your day in the sun!!!


39 thoughts on “{Bohemian Beach Beauty}

  1. Love the pineapple theme you’ve got going on! Since that’s currently my #1 pregnancy craving, this would be perfect for me (except for the fact I’m currently the size of a whale). Maybe next year though!


    1. Aww, I bet you are not a whale and I bet you are a beautiful mother to be! Thank you for the wonderful comment! I LOVE pineapples, that would be awesome to have pregnancy cravings for it!!! Glade you enjoyed, thanks for the comment! Have a great week!


    1. Ohh wow! we are just staring summer and as you can tell I am ready! I thought the jumpsuit is adorable! Sometimes you need a cover up that is nice enough to go somewhere to grab a bit to eat ect! Thank you so much for reading! Have a great week!


    1. Me Too!! Normally I like the ones that have a cute ruffled or skirt bottom! I love this piece tho with the removable belt and straps! So adorable! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! Have a great rest of the week!


    1. Thanks! I thought it would work as a great cover up! You can wear it on the beach and then if you decide to grab a drink or have dinner on the board walk it totally works as an outfit! The belt would come in handy as well! Glad you enjoyed, heading over to check out your blog right now! Have a fun weekend and thanks for reading!


    1. I do love Ray Bans as well! Great quality and classic look! The tote is my favorite, I love how it has a homemade feel to it! Big enough to fit all your beach supplies in too! Thank you so much for reading and glad to hear you liked my pics! Have a fun weekend!


    1. Thanks! I do love my pineapples and it does seem to be hitting the scene hard this year! Glad to see the pineapple love! Have a great weekend…heading over to check out your blog now! Thanks for reading!


  2. What a cute swim outfit! I’m not sure I could ever pull it off, but it’s super cute. I’m a big fan of the coordinating pineapples. You’ve got a great eye for clothes! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you so much! I usually wear a swimsuit that has a little skirt or something, I just love the design on this one and the matching belt and straps are a hoot! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I hope you have an excellent weekend!


  3. I love ModCloth’s swimsuits but I am a cheap soul and I just can’t pay that much for a suit! LOL! But you’ve reminded me that I need new sunglasses too, and I love the ones you’ve posted. πŸ™‚


    1. Yeah, Modcloth is quite expensive, although I find that a quality swimsuit is expensive! I would only spend money on an incredible suit! I love these sunglasses! Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a fun weekend!


    1. I love one piece swimsuits! I also LOVE Ray Bans! I am so ready for summer and a day on the beach! I hope you enjoy your weekend and thank you so much for reading and sharing a comment!


    1. I am not a huge fan of them however I thought it worked best with this outfit! I wanted a look for on and off the beach and this one kills it! Thanks for reading and sharing! Have a great week!


    1. Awesome! I LOVE pineapples! I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to my love! Check it out sometime it is full of fun pineapples! Have a great week and enjoy your new socks of which I am a tad jealous!


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