{Summer Time Date}

Unique & sexy look for those warm, sweet and wild summer night date!

The Dress;

This lovely white dress is a Keepsake Run the World Lace Top by Urban Outfitters.

Elegant, Cool & Chic!

. . .

The Shoes;

Gorgeous Brown Suede Fringe Heels by Steve Madden.

Bohemian with just the right touch of flirty!


. . .

The Purse;

Embossed Teal Clutch  by White House Black Market.

Light teal color perfect with silver accent pieces!

White House | Black Market Teal Clutch

. . .

The Jewelry;

Clustered Crest Cuff by Anthropologie.

Elegant & Sleek style!

. . .

The Earrings;

Handmade Slim Silver Earrings by Burnish.

Sleek dangle style to match cuff!

. . .

The Ring;

Natural Turquoise Silver Ring by DonBiuSilver.

Unique Bohemian statement piece!

. . .

Between the Lovely dress and the unique accessories to match you are sure to have a fun and romantic night out on the town or enjoying conversation in a cozy cafe!


31 thoughts on “{Summer Time Date}

    1. Thanks! I just LOVE that dress, probably my favorite! The accessories are amazing as well! Thanks for checking out my post and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!!!
      » Amanda Marie «


    1. Thanks! Me Tooo! It is such a fun, romantic and comfortable outfit that is affordable! Thanks for the comment and for checking out my Summer Date Time style! Have a perfect weekend!


    1. Thanks! I always try to plan out an outfit so that way it will work out! Sometimes when I just try to buy a piece or put something together I don’t have the right accessory or it is missing something! So pre-planning is great for a date night! Glad you liked my selection! Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and have some fun date nights!


    1. Thanks! The dress is so adorable and cool! I am more about function than fashion these days but I still want to look cute and sexy so this dress is great! Fringe is a hot hot item for me and becoming very popular! Glad you enjoyed! Keep watch for a new outfit coming soon! Thanks again!


    1. Thanks! I try to have a few pairs of shoes, if I do not have enough than I end up wearing them out from TOO much walking! I walk walk walk walk like crazy and it burns my shoes out! So my favorite ones I wear only on special occasions! Thanks for reading and have a GREAT summer! Get in some awesome date nights with new heels, he will love it! Thanks!


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