{Postcard Send Off}

Join the Post Card Send Off:

How it works: 

→ Send an email to me @ Amanda4694@gmail.com including your name & address,

→ Buy a postcard from the city you are from/currently live/favorite vacation spot,

→ Write your favorite quote/scripture,

→ Address to the name & address that I provide for the lucky participant set to receive your postcard,

→ Then place a stamp and send off in the mail!

***DEADLINE TO JOIN IS April 30th ! ***


Names and address will be email out to each participant on May 5th!!!


41 thoughts on “{Postcard Send Off}

  1. This is too fun! I would love to join, but I have no post card or time to get one tomorrow! 😦 it is a great idea though. I will have to watch for it another time!


    1. I love postcards and hand written letters and I have noticed over the last couple years I have not been sending much of the sort to people! Thought this would be a great way to open summer with! Send your name and address to Amanda4694@gmail.com by midnight today to join! Thanks for reading!


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