{Blogging for Books}

I recently discovered a GREAT website…..

Blogging for Books @ http://www.bloggingforbooks.org

I absolutely love the concept of trading books for reviews!

You join the website, browse through the books and you can receive books in the mail or online versions as well. Once you have read the book you go back to the website and write your review which gets posted on your blog! Then you are ready to pick another great book to read!

My first book of choice is:

The Ballad of a Small Player by Lawrence Osborne

I just started and love the book already!

(Great book! I love the easy read and the great story! Very unusual and interesting main character! It is fun how you feel as though you are a British kinsman on hideout! I loved to read about all the unique characters and how their path’s meet…either by fate or by coincidence…. )

This is a great program, go check it out for yourself and dive right into a GREAT book!


23 thoughts on “{Blogging for Books}

    1. Actually I have not heard of those before, thanks for sharing I will be checking them out! I LOVE reading! I used to work in a bookstore and it was the FUNNEST job I EVER had! I got to check out books as long as they were returned in good shape! Thanks for reading and commenting!
      ~Amanda Marie~


    1. Ohh it is a GREAT book! I tr to review in the best way with out giving away too much, that just spoils it! This book was unique and fun! I just love blogging for books, such an awesome concept! Have fun reading this summer! My next review will be a good one, a cookbook! Thanks for reading!
      ~Amanda Marie~


  1. I love those types of websites! NetGalley is another good one! Just straight e-books for review straight to your tablet! Awesome to find another lovely reader buddy! Thanks for sharing 😀


    1. Thanks for reading! I just heard about netgalley, looking at the site as we speak! I LOVE reading! My favorite job was when I worked at a book store while in college! I spent more time reading for college tho than for fun so its great that I have more time to read now! Blogging for books is the BEST! So excited, just ordered my next read…a cool cookbook, stay tuned for the release of my review!!! Have a fun summer reading, reading buddy!
      ~Amanda Marie~


    1. Please do! It is the BEST thing about blogging! I am a sucker for books, I cannot help myself! I hope you sign up, so exciting! Glad to share with you and thanks for reading!
      ~Amanda Marie~Enjoy summer!


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