{Best City In America to Live}


I currently reside in Charleston, SC.
It features great restaurant’s, beautiful art galleries and unique architecture! When I first moved to Charleston I would spend hours upon hours walking through the historic cobble stone laden streets, discovering new adventures around every corner

The city is a tiny version of NYC without the melting pot of people!

Over the past year I discovered I am NOT a southern belle! While I have made new, unforgettable discoveries while here…..I am ready for a new, bustling city to call home!

I am in love with London, Italy, Spain and it would be a dream to live there….however it is VERY complicated to move there as an American! I have lived in Philadelphia and I have always dreamed of living in NYC however I want to try out something farther for now like California!!!!  My family is closer to NYC so that would be a better fitting choice a few years down the road maybe.

As you can tell I am a seed stuck in the middle of a giant pickle named indecision!!!

I need your help...I want to know more about the city you live in? I am an artist, I use public transportation, I love the ocean/warm weather, farmers markets and I love coffee! I am looking for something with affordable apartments as well!

What is your favorite aspect of the city you live in?

What is the biggest downfall?

How is the public transportation?

Are there indoor/outdoor activities?

What type of food is there?

How is the art scene?

Is there a sense of community there?

Why should I live there?

You can answer a few questions, all questions or even just one question will help!


23 thoughts on “{Best City In America to Live}

  1. I’m a small town girl. It’s pretty rural here, but I love it. For such a small town, we have a wealth of cultural activities. Plus, we live just 30 minutes from some of the best Lake Michigan Beaches (you know, where Hollywood comes to film ocean scenes). I like my town. Thanks for getting me to think about it!


    1. I do love living in a rural area! A part of me loves it and a part of me also loves the city! What small town are you from? Lake Michigan does have awesome beaches!!! I am so excited for warm weather! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I was going to say Nova Scotia Canada because all those things are in high demand here! Art scene, foodies, oceans, natures beauty… What we lack warm Weather!! Hahah
    The summers are too short and sweet


    1. Ohh wow! I have never been to Canada however I have always wanted to visit! I really want to go to the Niagara Falls!!! Canada seems like it would actually be a great place to live! Cities mixed with out door activities would be great! Thanks for the input!


  3. Very cool post! Because it’s fun, I’m going to answer your questions. But first, I want to say that my daughter and I were in Italy last month and we LOVE IT. It was enchanting, very warm and welcoming. The fashion is amazing (and better prices too!) If you ever have the chance to go, GO.

    What is your favorite aspect of the city you live in? I’m newish to my city having lived here about 2.5 years. I like that we live in a small, rural town but literally five miles away is the hustle and bustle of an urban area with nightlight, tons of restaurants, a mall, etc. We have so much opportunity here for arts, education, and fitness (for adults and students alike). We have lots of gorgeous water as well.

    What is the biggest downfall? Can’t think of anything except that it’s far from my hometown and my siblings.

    How is the public transportation? We’re not so big that we have a metro. There are taxis and the city bus.

    Are there indoor/outdoor activities? Yes, many!

    What type of food is there? Everything: Italian, seafood, lots of artisan which I adore, farm-to-table, all the “big box” type restaurants.

    How is the art scene? Pretty great. We’re not far at all from a world-renowned weeks-long art competition.

    Is there a sense of community there? Yes, I’d say so.

    Why should I live there? It’s a lovely place to live. 🙂


  4. I live in a city of 11 million people in China…so I doubt you’d be interested. 🙂 I do love living here in ShenZhen, though, it’s a whole different ballgame than everyday life in the USA! The public transportation is crowded but very convenient and I love not having the financial burden of owning a car.


    1. WOW that is a BIG city! China is so interesting I would probably never live there however I would LOVE to visit! The culture is so different it would be a learning experience! I do love not having to worry about a car, that is why public transportation is top on my list! Thanks for sharing tho, I LOVE learning about new cities and countries!!!


  5. I would love to live in a city with the ocean less than an hour’s drive away. Unfortunately, I live in the southern part of New Mexico which means there is absolutely no ocean for miles and miles. Like you, I would love to experience living in California, but the cost of living is insane!


    1. I think the problem is that I hear so many different things about places. One person will tell me its great another tells me how expensive it is! New Mexico…I want to visit there so bad! Seems like it would be better to visit than to live!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


  6. I’m originally from Atlanta and I love that city so much! I spent most of my live there and besides the amazing weather, I love the food, music, and overall slow pace.

    I recently moved to Southern Ontario Canada and lived in Toronto for a year. Very different from Atlanta. Besides being cold, (LOL) it’s much more like NYC with the bustling city life and slightly rude people. I love the availability of Asian and Middle Eastern food but I’m not a fan of Canadian cuisine.

    Most recently, I moved to a small town near Niagara Falls which reminds me more of home. And it’s so close to the US boarder that I can just pop over to NY anytime I want something American.

    Great post!


    1. Wow! Canada does seem like it would be nice other than the cold weather! I am not a big fan of Canadian food which would not be fun however that’s great that you are super close to the border! I have never been to Atlanta however it always is intriguing when I see images on t.v….it looks like city life mixed with lush green trees and parks! Thanks for sharing!

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      1. I hate to crap on all Canadian food. I really do like poutine. If you’ve never had it, that’s the one thing I recommend aiming to have at some point in your life!

        That’s totally how Atlanta is. Green trees in the city. The actually city of Atlanta isn’t that big. But I love it and miss it. Definitely add it to you list!


      2. Certainly want to at least visit Atlanta, people are always having so much fun there! And I certainly DO NOT want to live somewhere that does not have great food, I am a very picky eater! And if I go somewhere cold it will be somewhere near home, where it is cold!!! Thanks for sharing!


  7. I live in Birmingham, AL and have been here about 3 years. I love it! But the bus system isn’t great and unless you live right down town it’s not super walkable. We drive everywhere. The arts community is really cool though. Lots of history and museums here. There’s just enough city to make me happy but we have a nice house with a big yard so we get a little of the suburbs too. I lived in Washington D.C. for a year and a half, and if you’re looking for great public transit and lots of things to do and see then it’s great. I’m not much for going out so it wasn’t really the best city for me.


    1. Neat, I think that would be nice to have a house and yard while being close enough to the city! I have been to Washington may times however never lived there! It seems like it would be cool and with the transportation that would work out! I have hear two negative things, the crime and that it is expensive! I am not much of a going out person either however I still am in LOVE with larger cities! Thanks for the info!!!

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  8. I live is Southern California and I think you should move here while you can! You can find a roommate to help with rent, and just live it up! Public Transportation is a bit of a pain, but there are ways to make it work. Get a bike and that will help a lot. I love the South Bay (Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach area), it’s where I went to school and has great areas to shop and eat/go out. Hermosa Pier is where I spent most of my college days. Biggest downfall in Southern California is the traffic, geesh it’s BAD! To go 10 miles could take over an hour. So just be prepared, but I find that most people are nice and there is a ton of farmer markets and other things going on for free during the weekends. Good luck!


    1. Thanks for the great info! I really love California from what I know from friends and research! I think its just farther away so I have not taken that chance yet! I am going to look into Southern California, I really love the beach and would love to live near one! I heard also that colleges are good in California as well!!! Thanks again!!!


  9. I do love where we live now (a smallish town in northern California), but if family had lived closer to us we probably wouldn’t have left San Antonio; we loved it there! It’s beautiful (especially in the spring), there’s lots to do (and lots of history!) and it’s close to a lot of stuff. You can live on the outskirts of the city and feel like you’re in a more rural area, but still be close to everything. Amazing food (lots of delicious bbq and hole-in-the-wall yummy Mexican)! And the cost of living is good. Plus, no state income tax in Texas! Really, the only drawback for us was we really wanted our kids to grow up near their grandparents.


    1. San Antonio sounds AMAZING! There is a part of me that would love to live in Texas! Thanks for the info I am doing some research! I do love tacos and BBQ! I also love the fact that there are a lot of activities to keep me busy! Thanks again!


  10. I’ve lived all over Southern California and I think you’d love everything about it except the rent & public transportation. There are cheaper places to live in so cal, but not sure how cheap they are by other state’s standards, and they tend not to be in the best areas, or far from LA. A car is almost a must out here. But the weather/farmer’s markets/art/community would all be great for you 🙂


    1. Thanks for the information! Southern Cali is something that I am going to research! I have a few friends that live out there and overall everyone out there seems to be happy and in love with Cali!! Thanks again!


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