{Courage + Strength}


Often times {even tho I have an abundance of patience}, I become completely impatient to the point of frustration! In that bubble of which I have placed myself, my spirit weakens, I become {well try to at least} more self reliant and there is a shift in TRUST…..my HEART is deceived by my own forth bringing..

Psalm 27:14 is a INSPIRATIONAL reminder to have PATIENCE and TRUST in waiting for the LORD! If I can truly believe GOD and his WORD….I should be willing to at very least to wait on his timing! I believe all things should be provided through GOD and impatience seems to take away all the GLORY from the HIGHEST. The more we wait……the more time we actually have to FOCUS on FOCUSING!!! Thus we will have the ability to receive Truth and WISDOM.

Think of it as if writing an essay for school: the more time you have to prepare and to FOCUS on the subject the more precise and clear the final result will be. If you wait until the night before the due date we are usually scrambling to form a clear perspective thus producing a jammbled outcome!

If we wait on the LORD, he can strengthen us through HIM!

What issues arise in your life that are causing you to be impatient? 


8 thoughts on “{Courage + Strength}

  1. I struggle with patience. It’s never been something I’ve been good at. Right now I’m waiting on a letter from a local university to see if I’ve gotten accepted to their alternative masters teaching progam. It’s been way longer than the recommended wait time and it’s making me so impatient.


    1. Sometimes I have an abundance of patience and sometimes I get super frustrated! I always try to look at things as being meant to be! If not then not but if I stress out it will not change the outcome so what is the point! Thanks for reading and good luck!


  2. The main thing causing me to be impatient is that I’m trying to switch directions professionally. I want an answer NOW but I know that I need to be patient and wait for what He’s preparing for me.


    1. I get that way sometimes..I mean….a lot! That when I realize I need to focus, breath and know that no matter what, I will be okay and if it meant to be it will prevail! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks! At times there are certain things that I just do NOT have the patience for and I need daily reminders of why I should have patience especially in those certain circumstances that I just cannot bare sometimes! Thanks again for reading!


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