To be completely honest….Lately I have been consumed with work, new lipstick shades and worry/doubt about my life! I noticed that when I start to lose focus along with it goes my faith, calmness and strength! I begin to lose sight and become so un-content with EVERY aspect of my life!

That anxious feeling I get is VERY overwhelming and I become completely ENGULFED by stress.

Proverbs 16:3 positively places my faith into perception. When I let go of all the doubt-worries of my future, my job, money and my relationship with my boyfriend I can think more clearly. I can begin to calm down and focus on my main priority = GOD!

Once that kicks in I make it a priority to spend time in the scripture, talk more with God through prayer and my relationship with GOD grows! I feel more joyous and hopeful when I am closer to him. The relationships around me improve, little annoyances don’t bother me as much and I am overall less stressed.

It truly is a MIRACLE how our lives take shape when we let GOD take control: when we put GOD FIRST!

I love the lesson in this verse and I am compelled to share to those of you who struggle with anxiety, stress and doubt!

I am making more of an effort…taking more time to spend on the important matters and letting my life become established through GRACE, MERCY and LOVE from GOD!


17 thoughts on “{Commitments}

    1. Thanks for reading! I always find life runs more smoothly when we place Him first! Posting up verse’s is great because it is a great reminder or the love and grace He has set forth for us! I am glade you were able to check out my post! And I will check out your website as well!!! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Your welcome! Thank you for following your heart and reading my post! I am at a point in my life where I feel it is in my heart to share God and to share how he is working in my life! I also feel as tho what He is teaching me is for others as well! Thanks again for reading!


  1. The verse that helps me the most fluctuates quite a lot depending on what stage Iam in life. But when Im anxious Philippians 4:6-7!

    We all loose focus at some time in our walk with God, hey I loose focus daily, I just need a reminder everyday!

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    1. Yes, thank you for sharing Philippians 4:6-7! What a great verse to help get through those difficult anxious times! It is hard to stay focused all the time however I feel if I never lost focus I wouldn’t feel the full magnitude of His love and grace that he has given us! Than you so much for reading a sharing with me!


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