{Berries + Bananas}

Today I am making an effort to start eating FRESH and HEALTHY food again!

Over the past few wintry months I have been indulging french fries, pizza, frozen meals and coffee!!! Winter is the worst season for me; between not wanting to adventure out in the freezing temperatures and not feeling particularly creative when it comes to cooking, I have been far from my A game!

I had a GREAT reanimate going with fresh smoothies for breakfast, salad for lunch, a light diner and no food past 8 pm!!!  Well……I am kicking winter in the face and reclaiming my healthy habits!!!

Starting with today’s breakfast,

Berries and a Banana with vanilla Greek yogurt!!!

I love fruit and Greek yogurt in the morning, it helps with controlling my appetite and aids in feeling energized!

What HEALTHY food do you like to eat in the morning to start you off your day!!!

And what is the one food that is a bad habit for you in the mornings?

{I indulge in WAY to much espresso}


26 thoughts on “{Berries + Bananas}

  1. You are not alone in the french fry and pizza department! I’ve been trying to drink more green smoothies and eat more salads too. My favorite breakfast is oats with berries or eggs, toast, and grapefruit.


    1. I LOVE eggs with spinach and broccoli in the morning with wheat toast!!! I currently do not have a kitchen so it is harder to keep my healthy routine when I do not have a kitchen to use!!! However I am working my way around that easy to access junk food!!! Thanks for reading!


  2. My breakfast is either a protein smoothie or some oatmeal. I do love some Greek yogurt, though! I add granola and some blueberries…yum!


    1. Sounds yummy! I normally like to have my fruit and vegetable smoothies in the morning! I usually make two cups and have one when I wake up and the other later in the morning! So refreshing, awakening and healthy!


  3. For breakfast I go back and forth between this vanilla bean organic yogurt with fruit or cinnamon and ancient grains granola or I make oatmeal and use milk instead of water and add vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg to the water and then toss in some plumped dried cranberries and some honey. mmmmmmm


    1. Bread for sure, I LOVE bread with jam!!! When I go out for breakfast I always seem to eat multiple biscuits! I have been eating blueberry bagels everyday for breakfast and I had to stop! I switched back to my Greek yogurt and fruit regiment! Thanks for sharing!


  4. I am with you! I have been eating really bad these past few weeks and I need to stop. I was drinking a spinach & berry smoothie for breakfast and need to get back to that. I have a cruise I am going on next December and I want to be in shape for that.


    1. Those smoothies really are the best!!! I think a lot of the bad eating has to do with it being winter! I have been splurging and not feeling like cooking or going out of my way to eat healthy when I can easily eat at Starbucks or Five Guys!!! I am, for the first time, working on getting my swimsuit bod on!!! Good Luck!!


    1. Thanks! It is really harder to eat healthy just from the convenience and the cost! It is so worth it tho because my body can feel the difference from eating at say McDonalds compared to having a fruit and vegetable smoothie! Thanks again for reading!


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