{La Pina}

imagePineapples; Delicious and welcoming! I love pineapples! I use the pineapple as a logo for my art company and as inspiration for my blog! The fruit is unique and wonderful!

I currently live in Charleston where you will see the pineapple as sculptures, on flags, houses, paintings and my favorite the legendary pineapple fountain! It is a symbol of welcoming here in the south! I was researching some facts about pineapples and actually learned new, interesting and unique facts about the unusual fruit!

Back in the day when ships would return to the Caribbeans, Europe and North America from long voyages they would bear gifts of pineapples! This created the pineapple as a symbol of welcome and hospitality, which has stuck around thus far!

It actually takes a pineapple up to three years to reach ripeness!

That is quite a bit of time!

When they are taken off the plant they do not ripen any father, so each pineapple is individually handled when it comes to cultivating! They actually grow out of a flower which forms multiple berries which end up fusing together to create the PINEAPPLE!

It is crazy to discover all the great things that pineapples can be used for! One of my favorites is pineapple wine! There is also Tepache which is a great tasting fermented drink which is native to Mexico!

Overall pineapples are awesome! Try a new recipe or drink with pineapple, it will leave you wanting to discover more great uses for pineapples!


28 thoughts on “{La Pina}

  1. Mm, I love pineapple! I’ve never heard of pineapple wine, that sounds amazing! In my house growing up, we had pineapples stenciled across the top of our living room. My mom always said pineapples are a symbol for “welcome”!


    1. Ahh, I had stenciled pineapples in my house growing up too!!! Well you should try pineapple wine! The Tepache, it is really yummy! It tastes more like real pineapple juice than an overly sweetened pineapple drink that is usually used in some other drinks! Thanks for your comment, I forgot about those stencils until you mentioned it!


  2. I love pineapple but just realized I know almost nothing about them. When we got married we received this amazing pineapple cutter though that I would highly recommend for anyone who eats pineapple frequently 🙂


    1. Aww, I guess the BEST things in life are worth waiting for…a long time for! Good luck with your pineapple plant, I hope you get beautiful GOLDEN PINEAPPLES! Thanks for reading and sharing on my La Pina post! Have a healthy and happy summer!
      ~Amanda Marie~


    1. You should do an online search, I am not sure where you live? Usually a store that has a good amount of beer selections should have it! Or you can even make your own! Although I would probably try the store kind first! Thanks for reading and good luck in your search!
      ~Amanda Marie~


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