{Bluffing our way through Truth}

In my last post {Lie, Lying, Lies} I went over the meaning of  a Lie with several definitions to help grasp the concept of what a Lie really is!!!

Now onto a few of the ways we Lie! This is where is gets interesting;

» Bluffing: is not considered to be Lying, immorally speaking! In these type situations, deception is acceptable & is commonly expected as a tactic!

» Lie-to-Children: is a Lie, often a platitude, which may use euphemism(s) which are told to make an adult subject acceptable to children. EXAMPLE; Santa-tooth fairy-stork-etc.

» White Lie: is considered a minor Lie which could be considered to be harmless or even beneficial in the long term. Also to be considered used for the greater good! A common version is to tell only part of the truth, therefore not to be suspected of Lying , yet also to conceal  something else to avoid awkward questions. Is also used to shield someone else from hurtful or emotionally damaging truth, especially when not knowing the truth is completely harmless!

» Broken Promise: is the failure to keep ones spoken commitment or promise. It can be especially damaging when the person had zero intention of keeping their word to begin with!

» Bad Faith: is Lying to oneself. It is failing to acknowledge one’s own ability to act & determine one’s possibilities, falling back on the determinations of the various historical & current totalisations which have produced one as if they relieved one of one’s freedom to do so.

» Butler Lie: is described as small or innate Lies which are usually sent electronically & are used to terminate conversations or to “save face.”

» Exaggeration: or a hyperbole occurs when the most fundamental aspects of a statement are True, but only to a certain degree. Seen also as “stretching the Truth.”

The list actually goes on however I picked a few of which I thought were interesting because we either try escape-goat out of a situation that really is a Lie or we are in total self denial that even a White Lie is actually still Lying! I believe it is important to stay Honest to others and mostly to self as well!

•{Bluffing our way through Truth}• | Life, Miracles and all the hassles in-betweenhttps://mypurplepineapple.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/%E2%80%A2bluffing-our-way-through-truth%E2%80%A2/

Are there any of the Lies listed above that shocked you or got you to really meditate on how you speak and how sometimes we unintentionally Lie?


16 thoughts on “{Bluffing our way through Truth}

  1. Sigh… I have been feeling so guilty about the whole ‘lie to children’ thing. Don’t get me wrong, we are pretty up front and strive to be 100% honest with our children at all times… with the exception to Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. As they’ve gotten a little older my guilt has increased! My initial intention was to celebrate the ‘magic’ and have a little festive fun! Now I’m feeling like they may not trust me when they find out the truth, and I am not really sure how to go about it. I want them to enjoy their youth and let them believe all the hype, but on the other than, it IS lying! =/


    1. Thank you for sharing! After posting about being honest I really thought about it and was like what about lying! Honesty is pretty easy however there is so much depth to lying! It was really an eye opener to research how many different ways we lie! When it comes to children we often treat them as if they have a lesser intelligence, when in fact children are capable of understanding more than we actually know! I do not have children however one morning while spending time with my around one year old niece, before she was able to speak, I was standing at the fridge with her trying to get her something to eat for breakfast! She was making noise and pointing to what she wanted which was yogurt, so I grabbed one for her and she started screaming! I was like what? I got what you wanted! Finally I realized there were different cartoon characters on the outside out the yogurt and she wanted the other one!!! It then occurred to me that even tho at the time she could not speak she was still able to understand/conceive the difference between images! Often we may see things as being harmless however they have a greater affect than we can acknowledge at times because we can never fully determine how it will affect the other person! I took a vow to not teach my children the lies of the world but to be honest with them and let them decide how to handle the truth from there with my support! Thanks again for your honesty! I hope everything works out for you!


    1. Thank you! I heard that verse numerous times before not know that it was a verse! I was looking for verses in images on Google the other day and came across it and it spoke to me about the topic! I love this verse too!


  2. It’s amazing how even the littlest lies can come back to haunt you. I think our society teaches us that it’s okay to lie and tell little tales. Well, that begins to become normal for us and we grow up to think that lying is acceptable, but as you said, the truth is that it’s not. Deep words to consider…


    1. Yeah, eventually you get to a point when you are lying and not even thinking about it! Society has a way of tricking people into thinking that whatever they want to do it is actually okay! It is sad that society has gotten to that point! I read an article in a magazine, I think it was cosmo, talking about how if you are bored in life just make up “stories” and tell them to people! That is just crazy! Thank you for reading!


  3. Im so proud of you…..im shocked and very impressed that you are even that knowledgeable on such a subject and many other topics you blogged! Keep up the awesome work…..your a great teacher and inspire so many people in the world.


  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject. Truth is such an easy thing to do yet we make it so hard, don’t we? Thankfully, we have the Perfect Example of how to live a life of Truth! 🙂


    1. It is easier to be honest! Lying does hurt others but in reality we are really hurting ourselves and creating a bad reputation of self as well! I appreciate you taking the time to read my post! Thanks!


  5. What a topic! I was one who never wanted to lie to my kids —but I also knew there were some truths they couldn’t really handle…I guess it would be a buffering of sorts. This is a very eye opening post -I see something I need to work on.


    1. Thank you for being honest! It is hard as a parent because we want to protect our kids from hurt and pain! I think about it and I feel if I i lie to my children, even something minor, I might actually be causing them pain later on in life! They might either feel that they cannot trust others or they might even be more susceptible to accepting a lie because they have been conditioned from a young age! It is a very touchy subject and an eye opener for me as well! Thank you for sharing!


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