{Mosaic Necklace}

Natural Mosaic Hemp Necklace with Pink beads by Amanda Made

Mosaic Hemp Necklace with Pink beads


This mosaic hemp necklace is made with black and natural color hemp. There are two beads that are white with blue print. The black strands of hemp display an array of patterned pink color beads! This necklace was inspired by spring to help you celebrate new beginnings and blooms!


18 thoughts on “{Mosaic Necklace}

    1. Thank you! I try to break out of the box when using natural hemp! I am allergic to metal so I started wearing hemp and I found that the designs were always kinda the same! So I broke out of the mold and made unique designs!!! Thanks for checking it out!


    1. Wow! I really appreciate the inspiration! The main concept behind AmandaMade and my company is to design unique items! I really love to hear great feedback!Thanks for your wonderful comment!


    1. Awesome, glade you like it! I used to wear a lot of silver when I was younger however it irritates my skin and since I have been wearing natural jewelry! I never really liked hemp necklaces I would see in stores (very hippyish style) and I wanted something more feminine and mature! That is the main concept behind my designs!Thanks!


    1. Awww, I am so glade you noticed that! I made this necklace for Easter and I really worked that renewal/new beginnings into the design! Thanks and good luck on any new beginnings you start!


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