I have been meditating lately on honesty & truth! It’s a subject that I will be focusing on this first month of the new year!………
To start my truth serum I decided to ask my readers and fellow bloggers just what honesty means to you;
~*{Comment your thoughts, ideals and definitions of what you believe honesty is all about!!!!}*~


12 thoughts on “{Honesty}

  1. I believe honesty is being truthul and not having to be condescending in approach. Using wise words of encouragement to not to convert but to convey a personal and/or communial understanding and feeling of a particular matter that may be agreed or disagreed upon. Most importantly not having to be sugarcoated with even a hint of lies….because then where is the honesty in that anyways?


    1. WOW, that is a deep approach and it’s great to hear your encouraging words about honesty! I am glad that there are still people in the world that do believe in honesty and speaking the truth! Very refreshing!!!
      Thanks -<>-


  2. Honesty is very important to me. It’s being truthful to yourself and others. Being honest with me is major if you want to be in my life, I hate being lied to.


    1. I agree, no relationship can work without it! For me there is no trust in lying; so if I’m lied to one I can never truly trust that person again even after I forgive them!
      Thanks for sharing-«AmandaMade»-


    1. I believe talking about truth in all situations is difficult and since I have understood the expression “The Ugly Truth.” It is not always easy saying the truth but if be want to be trusted it is key!!!


  3. I think honesty is speaking the truth but also speaking that truth with love. It’s not easy and I know there are quite a few times that I needed to be honest and I haven’this. Honesty is an area that I could use some work on too.


    1. Honestly said, Thanks for sharing your honesty! It is something that has been weighing on my consiece and spirit lately as well! Looking up the definition of honesty is a real eye opener about the subject as well, look for it in my next post!!! Thanks again;


  4. Too often we say honesty is about being open (to others). I think we should ALWAYS look at it the other way – if we all took being honest to mean letting the other person be open with us, then we wouldn’t be hurt from hearing any truths they have to say.

    If I can’t be honest just because it would hurt your feelings, then no one’s being honest. If you know what I mean?


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