{Healthy, Yes Healthy Smoothies}


There are numerous cafes and restaurants that promote so called “healthy” smoothies however, most of them are chock full of chemicals and SUGAR!!! I have perfected yummy and healthy smoothies and if you stick to the guide below you will feel better and you might possibly lose some of that weight gain brought on from the holidays!!!

  • Start off with a base of spinach! Spinach is good for you and really has no flavor! Most people are off put by the color of the smoothies which are green however, they are tasty so don’t be scared! I use around 2 cups or 2 handfuls!
  • Next I add between 1-2 cups of carrots! I try to use shredded carrots so that way it mixes better in the blender and it will save you from having any chunks in the smoothie! Carrots are a good way to add a vegetable with out adding a funky or string taste/odor!
  • The next step is the most fun and full of many options….FRUIT!!! I like to use fruit that is in season as it will give a better taste and blend easier as well! I will mix it up and use a combination like pineapple, mango and melon! Mix it up and add different fruits to create your own favorite flavor combinations!
  • Additives: I really also like to add in an avocado! It creates a rich and creamy texture and is super healthy for you too!!! Also if you find your smoothie a little un-smooth try adding in a little bit of juice or even some ice/water to help loosen it up!

I hope you all enjoy your healthy smoothies! If you have any suggestions or find a REALLY YUMMY combination leave me a comment and let me know how it’s going! More tips to come!!!!


10 thoughts on “{Healthy, Yes Healthy Smoothies}

    1. Ohh yeah, I am not a huge avocado fan however mixing in smoothies makes for a great silky texture that is super healthy! Also it is yummy to mix just avocado with milk…it creates it’s own unique flavor!
      Thanks for visiting-AmandaMade


    1. Smoothies are great for short on time breakfasts that are healthy and full of vitamins to start you off with a GREAT morning! They could also be made ahead of time such as the night before!!!
      Thanks for your comment-AmandaMade


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